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1 1. Why do some people want to break records? Do you like to experience extreme emotions or challenge yourself in any other ways. Which challenge do you think is the most dangerous and difficult in modern life?
2 2. Explain how cultural norms affect the probability of conflicts between people speaking different languages. How helpful and expedient is the practice of imposing your will or asserting your rights when resolving conflicts with people of different cultures. Substantiate your answer with examples.
3 3. What would life be if we didn’t have petrol, electricity, computers? Do you think that the people of the world need to adopt a more ecologically friendly style? Tell us something that annoys you most in modern life.
4 4. Imagine that you are explaining to a foreigner the difference between English and Ukrainian cuisine. What would you tell him/her? Describe the kind of meal you particularly enjoy. Give the recipe for some dish you like best.
5 5. Compare Anglo-American and Ukrainian systems of higher education. Point our their pluses and minuses. Do you think traditional exams will die out within a decade in favor of online assessment? Would you consider getting a distance learning degree?
6 6. How does work define a person’s well being? What’s your idea of a famous quotation by Confucius “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”?
7 7. Being a grown-up makes us be responsible for our own growth. What type of work would you like to be doing five years from now?
8 8.What are some aspects of foreign culture that you do not want to, or cannot, accept? Explain why you feel this way. What are some aspects of Anglo-American life and culture that you admire and appreciate? Substantiate your answer.
9 9. Speak on what the differences there are between cultures (of your choice) in terms of music, food, clothing and famous people. What happens (positive or/and negative) when different cultures meet?
10 10/.Sum up the developments which have taken place in Ukraine since it proclaimed its independence. Give your personal evaluation. Give some practical proposals to Ukrainian government which, in your opinion, might guarantee the progress in political, economic and social spheres of life.
11 11. Imagine that you are giving an interview on your likes and dislikes about different TV channels and programmes. Appreciate the impact of the modern mass media on our everyday life. Try to be convincing and informative.
12 12. What are the main trends and representatives of the British painting? Don’t forget to mention their works to complete the answer.
13 How are foreigners treated in your culture? Is extending invitations to a person’s home a way to develop friendships? What is the best way to make contact with people from your culture?
14 Your comfort zone is all the activities that you feel comfortable about being in. How big is your comfort zone in terms of eating, traveling, home comforts, being alone or in public and some risky situations?
15 So far, much of the debate on climate change has been about future predictions. However, they are already happening. What are they? Are you an optimist or a pessimist about climate change? How can we reconnect with nature?
16 16. You have a group of foreign clients who are planning to visit Ukraine next month. Think of places which would interest the foreigners. Don’t forget to mention the background, attractions and practical information of the places.
17 17. Talking about your attitude to appearance what look do you think is likely to appeal to younger people? What appearance in your opinion is seen as slightly unusual and what is shocking, likely to cause a scandal?
18 18.Suppose you work for a travel agency. Offer your client a two-week tour of Great Britain. Plan it and advertise to the client. Mind that the client wants to see the best of the country and its people and to have a good rest..
19 19. Imagine that you are just back from a sightseeing tour about London. Share your impressions.
20 20. Suppose you work for a travel agency. Offer your client a two-week tour of the United States. Plan it and advertise to the client. Mind that the client wants to see the best of the country and its people and to have a good rest.
21 21. Try to evaluate your academic work at the university during the five years. Are you satisfied with your professional preparation? Do you feel you lack something you believe necessary for your future work?
22 22. Give your personal ideas about advantages and disadvantages of the British system of secondary education. Draw parallels with Ukrainian system of secondary education.
23 23. Comment on the proverb “A sound mind in a sound body”. What are your ideas about a healthy way of life? What sports activities contribute to it?
24 24. Art, truly, has a language all its own, vast and full of names, events and historic places. What pieces of art appeal to you personally. Why?
25 25. What type of character are you searching for in your life communicating with other people taking into consideration he/she organizes their life? What do you think of the role of videocommunication through Internet? Express your pros and contras.
26 26. What would be your goals when/if you first came to a foreign country? What would you need and want to learn right away? Have you had any experiences with people from another culture which show differences in customs relating to showing appreciation (e.g. gift-giving and receiving)?
27 27. What do you about ozone holes, acid rains, “greenhouse” effect, deforestation as the negative consequences of uncontrolled human activity? What is done and can be done to protect nature and ensure healthier environment?
28 28. Do you think an American would have a difficult time learning your culture and language? How long do you think it would take him or her to accomplish this? What things do you think would be easiest to learn about your language and culture?
29 29. What else, besides people’s cultures, influences their way of thinking and communicating? What were the most important influences on your way of thinking and communicating when you were growing up?
30 30. What do people do in your culture when there is miscommunication, such as misunderstanding or miscommunication? Would you the same things if you had problems of miscommunication with other people from different countries?
31 31. In your native country, how do people react to immigrants or foreigners who behave differently from the majority of the people? Do people accept differences or do they expect foreign people to behave in the same way they do?
32 32. In culture learning, it is necessary to make general observations about groups of people. What are some stereotypes that people have about your culture? How are these stereotypes incorrect? Could you illustrate the harmful effects of stereotyping in different cultures?
33 33. How do you think each of these factors influence a person’s sense of identity? Would you add any other factors to this list?
34 34. What can you say about paid higher education in Ukraine? Compare the situation in this country with Great Britain or the USA. How do Ukrainian students cope with their financial problems? What do you think should be done to improve the situation?
35 35. Sometimes you may want to criticize British or American culture? Do you have any criticisms? Are there some British or American behaviours or beliefs that you disagree with? What positive characteristics of Ukrainian culture can you oppose to the cultural system of the Anglo-American world.
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