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История языка

1 Linguistic features of Germanic languages.
2 Historical background and chronological divisions in the history of English.
3 Origin of Old English Vowels (independent and dependent vowel changes).
4 Peculiarities of OE diphthongs and their sources.
5 Origin of Old English Consonants (assimilation, loss, metathesis, rhotacism, etc).
6 OE Noun (categories, declensions, difference between root and "r" stems, a-stem declension).
7 Categories and specific features of OE Personal Pronouns.
8 OE Demonstrative Pronouns (categories, 2 types, origin of definite article, nominative case of both types, origin of ME these, those, this, that).
9 OE Adjective (categories, strong and weak declension, degrees of comparison).
10 OE Verb. Grammatical categories.
11 Strong and Weak Verbs. Conjugation in the Present and Past.
12 Minor Groups of Verbs. Verbs 'wesan', 'gan', 'don', preterite-present verbs).
13 Vowel Changes in ME. Quantitative vowel changes.
14 Development of New Diphthongs in ME.
15 Changes affecting Consonants in ME.
16 ME Noun.
17 ME Pronouns.
18 ME Verb.
19 ME Adjective.
20 The Great Vowel Shift in Late ME.
21 Other Phonological Changes in Late ME (Vowel and Consonant) (vocalization of 'r', 'x', etc).
22 Vocabulary
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