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Looking back on my student years

I'm a third year student and I don’t believe that two years have passed in no time. But it’s fact and I can sum up.

  1. Firstly, I’d like to tell you about why I'm here and why I chose this department. And the reason was that at school I was good in English and in the 9th form I realized that I want to connect my life with this language and others.
  2. According to my memories when I saw my group for the first time I wasn’t surprised and I didn’t react negatively. The first day was really hard and stressful for me because I got lost and I wandered from one building to another, fortunately I found my group at last. It was really unusual to see so many new people, new auditoriums and atmosphere.
  3. After some time I understood that the whole group is very good and friendly. I think they all are industries and we have tolerant relationships between us. I appreciate their help in studying and their tenderness. We always make fun, laugh, there isn’t a day without jokes. Sometime we get together in café or cinema before holidays. I remember celebrations in our university as well. Actually New Year and Halloween. We prepared presentations and games in English, it was amazing and fun. After this activity we had a tea-party.
  4. As for me I think I become more hardworking then before and try to do my best in my studying. But my disadvantage is my impatience, because sometimes it’s difficult for me to do long hard work. Moreover sometimes I throw up my hands if I can’t do something. But I believe that I’ll  make my character stronger and continue to extend my knowledge. Moreover learning English helps me to become more creative and communicative.

I'm really glad that I have an opportunity to study here and I'm thankful to my parents that they believe in me and gave me such opportunity. 

08.01.2016; 17:23
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