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Culture is the soul of a nation.

We have many different countries in our world. And, as we know, every country has its unique culture. «So many countries, so many customs». 

If you live in some country you are closely connected with its culture. You are a part of big society, and a part of this culture. Every person is rich in different spheres of culture. For instance, music, art, literature, architecture, etc. We have absorbed this with mothers` milk. And this is our property, our pride.

First of all culture is our history, it is connection with our ancestors and our memory about the past. I can say to the point «Tradition wears a snowy beard». It means traditions have deep roots. We can’t forget them, we can’t deny. It is in our hearts, manners, language. No doubt, we should save and respect our culture. It makes us individual, different from the other nations. We have wonderful works of art, gorgeous architecture, inspiring music and literature, all of them make a country unique and special.

Moreover, the language is also a part of our culture. When countries appeared people were in need of communication, so they invented languages, which is also has deep roots. Languages have been changing during many years, they bear different shades of people`s lives. Saying about the famous writer W.S. Maugham he devoted all his life for learning countries, people`s lives and languages. I suppose this makes our lives full and having sense.

And as for famous writers, they are also a significant part of our culture, we are known in the world by their names. They make countries great and powerful. Writers and poets give us inspiring works of literature, they enrich our culture. Their works are an indispensable contribution in human intellectual development.

In conclusion, our culture is all of these enumerated points. They are all the soul of a nation and our pride. 

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