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The labour we delight in physics pain.

As we know, this phrase belongs to famous writer W. Shakespeare. Especially, to his tragedy “Macbeth”.  No doubt, he left for us great knowledge, great piece of literature, which we have been esteeming for many years. There is a great depth of meaning in phrases from his works. We dwell on it, learn his works by heart, we see wisdom through the centuries.

So, considering about this particular saying, we also can emphasize its depth of meaning.  I suppose this phrase will be actual forever. Because one thing that we should know about labour is the labour made us human beings. It is one of the most important parts of our life, it makes life full of sense. And I have heard that a rest is mostly change of activity, it is not only lying on a bed, but our different hobbies.  As for hobbies, I believe that this word is closely connected with this phrase because usually when we speak about the labour we delight in we mean our hobbies. Everyone has his or her special hobby that really can physic our pain. We feel relax, comfortable and satisfying when we do our favourite work. It cures our soul, develops our imagination, we forget about all problems. And hobby is the great thing that we choose according our likes and dislikes. You can do whatever you like in your free time.  Thanks to hobbies people find each other in different clubs of interests, make friends, love. Surely we feel happy when we do some work which we fond of and forget about pain, mental or physical. We are absorbed in process of working and abandon daily routine.

By the way, I can add that our daily usual job which carries earnings to us as well can be our hobby. And I consider that it is great happy to have a job to your liking and moreover get money for it. We are not tired of such job; we do it willingly and with pleasure. It’s wonderful to get up in the mornings with positive thoughts that you again go to your favourite work and you will have one more good day.

But the main secret I think is our attitude. Deep roots hidden in it. If  you make yourself positively to this labour you will do it willingly. It depends on our desire, good thoughts and belief in the best.

At last, your good attitude and boundless desire achieve generous results. As I say before if we fond of our labour it brings us delight and cures us. 

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