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The Concept of Phonological Competence


Phonological competence is a collection of students' knowledge of the relationship between phonetic and phonological systems of their native and English (foreign) language, as well as relevant practical skills generated in students in the process of learning phonetics as a special branch of linguistics.

Component composition of CPC includes such knowledge and skills to understand and reproduce as:

•  sound units of language (phonemes) and their variants (allophones);

• articulatory-acoustic characteristics of phonemes (voiceless / voiced, hardness / softness, labialization, etc.);

• phonetic organization of words (syllable structure, the sequence of phonemes, word stress, tone);

• prosody (stress, rhythm, intonation);

• phonetic reduction (reduction of vowels, the strengths and weaknesses of the phoneme, assimilation, etc.).

In the process of studing students formed phonetic-phonological skills.

Phonetic-phonological skill is understood as the ability correctly  understand an audio sample, associate it with the meaning and reproduce consciously.

This skill can be considered to be formed if:

1)      developed a phonetic / speech hearing

2)      there is coordination between the sounds of speech, their articulation and distinction.

This is an indication that the pronunciation of students acquired a sufficient degree of accuracy, that means they became phonologically competent.


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