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21.  Малый бизнес в нижегородской области и меры его поддержки.

Small business - a set of micro and small enterprises engaged in business.

Objectives of the establishment of small businesses are:

- Intensification of economic restructuring;

- Saturation of the consumer market;

- Overcoming the sectoral and regional monopolies;

- Expansion of competition;

- The creation of the material basis for the employment of workers;

- Strengthening the economic base of the local authorities;

- The development of villages and small towns.

The role of small business in a market economy

- Improves the welfare of the population;

- Tax revenues contribute to the replenishment of the budget;

- Allows you to raise the average level of social responsibility;

- Competition;

- A partial solution to the problem of unemployment

Forms of support for small business:

- Financial (1.predostavlenie state and municipal guarantees for liabilities of small and medium-sized businesses and organizations forming the infrastructure to support small and medium enterprises; 2.predostavlenie subsidies);

- Information;

- Support in the field of training, retraining and skills development (1.uchebno-methodological, scientific and methodological assistance to small and medium enterprises);

- Support of small and medium enterprises in the field of innovation and industrial production.

Conclusion: small business in Nizhny Novgorod is more advanced than the Russian average. In Nizhny Novgorod, all the necessary conditions for the support and development of small business. Most of the entrepreneurs financially literate, motivated, want to earn more. However, employers are not well informed about the programs to support small businesses. To solve this problem is to focus on educational programs for entrepreneurs to establish channels of communication.


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