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11.  Опишите последовательность и этапы построения орг.структуры предприятия.

1. Functional structure

The company, based on the objectives and management of the selected type (s) of business forms a functional model of the enterprise in the form of a list of functions.

2. Formation of the organizational units

Function within the organizational structure are carried out by divisions (orgzvenev). Formed orgzvenev list in the amount and composition required for the full range of functions. Orgzvenya unite on any basis in the group (service), and lined up in the chain of command (hierarchy), form the organizational structure of the enterprise.

3. Establishing relationships (matrix projection)

Determination, by which units should perform certain functions performed by matrix projection.

Construct a matrix whose columns form a function, and lines - orgzvenya. The columns set functional responsibilities, lines - administrative. In the box at the intersection of columns and rows marked with the sign, which means execution of this function to the unit. Detail can be brought to the level of a particular artist, and executed them subfunctions of his unit. An example of the projection matrix is ??presented below in Fig. 6.

4. Organizational analysis

Organizational structure was built (or available) is analyzed. Checked the span of control, and other parameters of the organizational structure, as well as, using the technique of matrix projection set (checked): the presence of units of duplicated functions, congestion performers (managers) inconsistency of executable functions or divisions, reveals features that are not fully distributed between orgzvenyami, or even left without fulfillment, etc.

5. Preparation of regulatory documents (formalization)

After making the appropriate adjustments formalized organizational structure, ie, from table-matrix representation of a transition to the schematic (visual) representation - creating orgskhema. Then prepares the "Regulation on organizational structure." "Regulations" sets the type of organizational structure, the principles of association orgzvenev in service level management, management responsibility, rights and duties units, etc. On the basis of the "Regulations" are preparing similar "Regulations" on divisions defining their common and specific functions, responsibilities, rights and duties, as well as operating procedures and interaction with other departments and services.


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