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10.  Охарактеризуйте и сравните бюрократический и органический тип структуры управления организацией

Bureaucratic type of management structure.

Key Points:

1) A clear division of labor;

2) The hierarchy of control;

3) The existence of formal rules and regulations;

4) Spirit of formal anonymity;

5) Implementation of employment in accordance with the requirements of the skilled positions.

By type of bureaucratic management structure are: the organizational structure of the linear, linear-scale, division.


Organic type of management structure.

Key Points:

1) Decisions are made on the basis of the discussion;

2) The circumstances are taken into account in the discussion of problems, is confidence;

3) Work on one goal;

4) The main integrating factor - the mission and strategy;

5) A creative approach to work and co-operation;

6) Rules are formulated in terms of the principles;

7) The distribution of work is determined not post, and the nature of the problems being addressed;

8) There is a constant readiness for the organization of progressive change.

To the organic type of management structure are: Brigade organizational structure, the organizational structure of the project, the matrix organizational structure.


Comparative characteristics of the types of management structures

bureaucratic type        

organic type

A clearly defined hierarchy

Constant change leaders (group or individual), depending on the problems being addressed

The system of rights and duties

System of norms and values ??that formed during the discussions and approvals

Separation of each task on a number of procedures

The process approach to problem solving

Anonymity in relationships

Self-expression and self-development

Rigid division of labor functions

Temporary work for the consolidation of integrated project teams


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