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9.      SWOT анализ предприятия, как результирующий инструмент стратегического анализа


The results of all tests carried out at this stage can be summarized in a matrix of SWOT-analysis. This panel lets you create a visual representation of the company in terms of its strengths and weaknesses, and the environment - what it we can prevent (threat), but what will help (opportunities) goals. This company understands that it needs to be done to achieve the objectives of resource provision, and how to take into account the environmental factors for success in achieving the goals.

The main mechanism of strategic analysis is the SWOT-matrix and the ratio of its elements. When focused work with it can immediately achieve the necessary result, does not conduct a preliminary analysis.

Matrix of the SWOT-analysis of the company formed by combining the results of the analysis conducted in two categories.

1. "Company"

2. "External environment"

In each of these formulations should be in order of importance. In the SWOT - analysis done slice of factors: internal factors at the moment, external factors are considered as long-term. The meaning of analysis - how to use (change, rearrange) the internal resources (factors) to have this opportunity to the external environment.

For each of the considered markets or segments need to list the most important (most relevant / impact on business) elements in all four categories:

1. Strength - is the competitive advantage of the firm, then, what it has succeeded or what. When determining the forces necessary to answer the question: what factors increase the market potential of the company, it provides additional opportunities?

2. Weakness - lack of something important for the functioning of the firm or that firm cannot do worse than competitors, which puts it in relatively unfavorable conditions.

3. Opportunity - this is the chance that the external environment provides the firm.

4. Threat - a potential risk of the company from the external environment.

When choosing the strengths and weaknesses of the company should focus on the most significant, which can be used (or potentially be used by translating weak at the moment component of the business strengths of the company) to meet customer value customers.

? Square "Opportunity/Strength" represents the most important area, since it formed a "skeleton" of future strategies. Considering this box you can answer the question: whether the company's competitive advantages on which to base a strategy?

? Square "Threat/Weakness" shows the most vulnerable parts of firm, which must be protected in the first place.

? Square "Opportunity/Weakness" shows what factors should be strengthened to ensure that in future could be to seize the opportunity (if they are to the point will not disappear).

? Square "Threat/Strength" includes those external challenges with which the firm is able to cope due to their competitive advantage. Analysis of the square - the basis of current rather than long-term planning.

We analyze the combination of "Strength" (or "Weakness" in the absence of strengths) / Opportunities. Considering this relation, we can answer the question: "Which internal resources (existing or not a company) can apply to use the opportunity of the environment to meet the needs of clients?


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