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5.   Опишите процесс постановки целей и критерии выбора целей по smart- модели. Приведите пример постановки целей по smart-модели

SMART-criteria for setting goals

To successfully achieve the goals, they must be properly formulated. To do this, there are several methods by which you can really put "quality" purposes. One of the most common and effective ways - it was acting "smart" (from the English. "Smart") purposes, i.e. setting goals using SMART criteria.

Thus the goal should be:




Relevant and realistic


Specific objectives (S)

The objective should be clearly articulated. Otherwise, may ultimately be achieved the result that differs from the plan.

Measurable goals (M)

If the target will not be any measurable parameters, it will be impossible to determine whether the result achieved.

Achievable goals (A)

Objectives are used as an incentive to solve any problems and, thus, further progress by achieving success. No need to set goals that are contrary would lead to increased stress in your life. It is quite difficult to set goals, be strengthened, but keep in mind that they should be achievable.

Relevant and realistic (R)

Goals should be characterized on the basis of the result and not done by the work. Thus the efficiency is achieved. You can set a goal to come to work an hour early, but if it does not define the expected outcome from this, then this hour can be sipping coffee or just chatting.


Any goal must be achievable in a time dimension.


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