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4.      Дайте определение понятием цель, постановка целей, а также опишите характеристики целей, иерархию и взаимосвязь целей.

Objective is a state of the individual characteristics of the organization from micro to macro, the achievement of which is for her to be desirable and towards which aimed its activities.

Goal setting is a deliberate result of the future, when the strategic vision and business idea is translated into specific tasks.

Feasibility is "doing the right thing" based on the processes of adaptation and feedback.

Objectives can be:

1.                Corporate and individual

2.                Stabilization and development

3.                Strategic and tactical

4.                Monetary and non-monetary

5.                Functional and process

The company's mission is building a coherent structure, hierarchy and tree purposes.

Hierarchy of objectives:

1.The objectives of higher order are given at the company's management and are important for strategic planning

2.Goal average determined at the level of middle managers and are primarily tactical significance

The objectives of the lower level set on the lower level of management and are operational

Isolation goals of middle and lower level of higher goals should not lead to a distortion or a change in the objectives of higher level.

Goal interrelation:

1.Complementary objectives (achievement of one goal contributes to the achievement of other objectives)

2.Competing objectives (achievement of one goal a negative impact on achieving other goals)

3.Conflicting objectives (achievement of one goal precludes the possibility of achieving other goals)

4.Neutral objectives (achievement of one goal depends on achieving the other objectives)


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