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2.      Кто такие стейкхолдеры и как они влияют на организацию


Stakeholders are individuals who are interested in the existence and support of business.

Usually distinguish (различают) between two groups of stakeholders: primary and secondary. Primary, legitimate and have a direct impact on business (inner circle): owners, customers and staff members; business partners in the supply chain.

Secondary, have an indirect impact on business (a distant circle): 1) government (local and state), 2) competitors, 3) other companies, and 4) investors; 5) local community, which includes: media, non-profit organizations, including public and charitable; local activists, opinion.

At the local level to key stakeholders include local authorities, on which depends the very business activities; customer relationships from which of your company depends on its business performance, non-profit organizations, opinion makers, media, affecting the local population and reputation. "Interested parties" to actively influence the success of business. No chances 72% of entrepreneurs around the world recognize that successful business people take into account the interests of not only shareholders, but also the wider stakeholder groups: customers, employees, suppliers and local communities.

Stakeholders form interdependent system, a kind <cobweb>, which sometimes supports the business in difficult times, and sometimes, by contrast, denies the company to act.


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