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British customs

British nation is considered to be the most conservative in Europe. It is not a secret that every nation and every country has its own customs and traditions. In Great Britain people attach greater importance to traditions and customs than in other European countries. Englishmen are proud of their traditions and carefully keep them up. The best examples are their queen, money system, their weights and measures.  Many foreigners are sometimes taken aback when they are faced with typically English customs for the first time. For example, English tea. Everyone knows that many Englishmen like to drink tea very much. They drink tea in the morning, after lunch, before lunch. There is other English tradition. It is English Sunday.  On Sunday you may visit a museum, go to a concert but all shops, theatres, dance and music halls are closed. But many Englishmen prefer quiet Sunday at home. They get up late, go to church in the morning, have a big dinner, read books and listen to the wireless. 


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