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35.GB and EU

The EU is one of the most important centers in the world, which united European countries for a more sustainable position in the world arena. An important role in attracting foreign capital play UK bilateral agreements with other countries to promote trade and investment and similar agreements in force in the EU framework. As one of the founding members of the European Union UK is continuing to strengthen its presence in the EC, as well as an active participant to develop foreign economic policy of the EU in order to create a highly productive and competitive economy. The main reason that causes the importance of EU membership for the UK - is to protect the interests of the country in the international arena, the economic aspects of development cooperation. In favor of leaving the EU act and circumstances such as the ability to enter into between Great Britain and the EU free trade agreement, similar to that which has entered Switzerland in 1972.

Great Britain will enter into similar agreements with other countries, or simply soften his trade regime unilaterally. It remains only to observe or what course the nation takes in an accelerating process of globalization, whether it will consider the experience of the last century, and in what direction the EU will cooperate with it, or on the basis of previous events to try to consider the political line of the UK in the context of contemporary events.


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