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34. Thatcher and the new policy

Thatcher Margaret - the 71st prime minister of Great Britain.

 During Thatcher's third premier term I carried out taxation reform the income from which went to budgets of local governments: instead of the tax based on par rent value of the house, "the municipal tax" (head tax) which in a former size each full age inhabitant of the house had to pay was imposed so-called.

The policy of privatization became an integral part of so-called "tetcherizm". As a whole results from privatization were dual though consumers were the winner thanks to reduction of prices and productivity improvement. Besides, thanks to mass privatization many British became shareholders that was cornerstone of "national capitalism".

Neoliberal I concerned the politician Thatcher not only the sphere of economy, finance and the labor relations, but also the social sphere to which the government of the country sought to extend the same principles and to use identical strategy — decrease in expenses, privatization and regulation. The similar policy allowed to extend, on the one hand, market elements in this sphere, on the other hand — to strengthen control over it from the central government.

In Thatcher's foreign policy I was guided by the USA and I supported Ronald Reagan's initiatives concerning the USSR which both politicians treated with mistrust. During the first premier term it supported the decision of NATO on expansion in Western Europe of rockets of land basing of BGM-109G and rockets of small range of Pershing-1A, and also allowed the American military, since November 14, 1983, to place more than 160 cruise missiles on military and air base of the USA.


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