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32.The second world war

Great Britain took part in World War II from September 1, 1939 to September 2, 1945.  In the second half of the 30th years of the XX century Great Britain actively made concessions to Germany.  Signing of the Munich agreement of 1938 which concerned transfer of Sudetsky area of Germany by Czechoslovakia became result of this policy.  However Hitler wasn't limited to Sudetsky area.  In March, 1939 he divided and captured Czechoslovakia, and in August of the same year the Nonaggression pact between Germany and the USSR is signed.

The power of Britain was under construction on powerful navy, in continental wars it got used to rely on the allies possessing overland army.

Since 1938 the special attention is paid to development of aircraft which has to solve problems of defense of the island from air. Warplanes made 1456 units, from which 536 - bombers. Mostly it were new and modern cars. Fundamentals of navy battle ships of times of World War I, and as made more modern battle ships of late projects. However realities of new war showed shift of battle ships from positions of the main striking power of fleet. Besides battle ships Great Britain possessed considerable aircraft carrying fleet.

World War II results for Great Britain weren't unambiguous. On the one hand independence of the country was kept and the victory over the opponent is actually won. With another - Britain lost the status over the power in favor of gaining strength of the USA. National economy suffered huge losses in connection with loss of the trade markets. The most part of colonies found independence though many of them kept communications with the Center. It was succeeded to restore production to pre-war level only in 1948. The rationing system which remained up to 1953 was within the country entered. However development of hi-tech production allowed the country to return some positions in the world.


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