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30. Great Britain in the end of the 19th and the beginning 20th

Great Britain passed World War I in structure of the military-political block the Entente; continuously developing, the country achieved the objective, having inflicted defeat over the block of the Central powers (The German empire, Austro-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire and the Bulgarian kingdom). During war the British armed forces underwent serious reorganization, for example, Royal military and air forces were created. For the first time in the history of the country the compulsory appeal was carried out. From the war beginning patriotic feelings overflowed all country, social barriers between public classes of England during this period went down.

For achievement of a victory over the enemy it was necessary to go to essential victims. To prevent shortage of working hands and deficiency of food, the government developed a number of laws, such as the law on protection of the kingdom, allocating with that itself additional powers on safety of the citizens. The British cities for the first time became objects of air bombings.

Governmental promotion, thanks to work of such journalists as Charles Masterman and newspaper publishers as lord Biverbruk was successfully spread. By the adaptation to demographic changes in the labor, the industries connected with war quickly grew, and production increased due to hiring of a large number of people. Besides, mass application of female work that compelled parliament to adopt the law which has provided a vote to considerable number of women in 1918 for the first time began.

During war the British royal family led by George V broke links with the German relatives and changed the German name of the dynasty — Saksen-Koburg-Gotskaya — on Windsor. War strengthened growth of national consciousness in Canada and Australia that ended, finally, with disintegration of the British Empire. So, both Australia, and Canada already then preferred to use national symbolic on fields of battles. However, from the geographical point of view, the empire reached the highest blossoming as a result of signing of peace treaties


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