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English science and cultural development in the 19th

In England the science – political economy – the discipline studying interrelation of economy and policy (David Ricardo, James Stewart, Mill) arises. To the middle of the 19th eyelid 40 – Marx "Capital".England country of a liberal political regime. Marx will organize "The union of the German communists", there is a Utilitarizm Philosophy direction - U. Bentam, treats problems of mission and state functions, it has to carry out utilitarian functions.

 In 1865 James Clark Maxwell developed the electromagnetic theory of light. Guglielmo Marconi and A.S. Popov created wireless telegraph — radio. There were also first lathes. They were developed by the English mechanic Henry Modsli. In 1825 in England George Stefenson built the first railroad.

Great Britain possesses strong cultural ties with the former colonies, especially with those states where English is state. So, some English musical performers considerably influenced music development in the world. there were "Gothic novels" ("Monk" A.Radkliff, "Otranto's Lock" G. Uolpola, etc.); in 1835 the Parliament building was built; influence of conservatives and monarchists increased. Due to the strengthening of positions of Catholic church the country is overflowed by construction new and restoration of old temples and monasteries.


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