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28.Britain in the 50 - 60s of the 19th Century


In May, 1951 a world industrial exhibition that was named a great exhibition was opened in London Hyde Park. She signified by itself beginning of "golden" age of the English capitalism, when England did not have to itself equal. England was then named the "world workshop", "world driver", "world banker". Economic successes allowed to do serious concessions to the workers. The standard of life was far higher, than in any other country. A transition went across from chartism to "deference", i.e. workers limited to the requirements the scopes of prudence and respectability (requirements economic). There was a working aristocracy,  high-paying skilled workers. First trade unions appeared in the world, where accepted a working aristocracy only.

In 1868 trade unions united in the British union tred of юнион (trade union). Until now it is the largest trade-union center of Great Britain. English трейдюнионы always fought only for economic concessions.

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