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14.The Restoration Period

Oliver Cromwell appointed his successor eldest son Richard. But he was a man of weak, indecisive and unable to cope with running the country in troubled times. Richard soon became a puppet in the hands of the army generals, and then renounced the title of the tread. Instability reign threatened by new performances of the masses. Royalists (supporters of the monarchy, from Fr. Roi - king) called the throne of Charles II Stuart, son of the executed king. Parliament endorsed them. So in 1660, perfected restoration (recovery) of the monarchy. People met the new king with glee.

Charles II signed a document which confirmed all the privileges of the "new nobility" and the bourgeoisie, they have received in the course of the revolution;

participants did not pursue the revolutionary events in the hands of new owners left all the land and property acquired by them during the revolution. Impose taxes in the state could only with permission of Parliament. Parliament appointed king salaries, that he could not do without its convocation.

Charles II began to reign with a ceremony symbolic execution of murderers of his father: the corpses of Cromwell and his two accomplices were taken out of the tombs, hanged and beheaded. Head "executed" hoisted on a spear and put around the Palace of Westminster.

The coming to power of Charles II did not mean that the country's development was reversing. But the emergence of bourgeois lifestyle stalled. After Charles's death in 1685 was succeeded by brother James II, continued the policy of confrontation has already outlined the Stuarts with Parliament. Being configured prokatolicheski new king issued the Declaration of Toleration, which opened access to the Catholics all spheres of government in England. It was one of the causes of great discontent them in society.

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