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6.The development of culture in Feudal England

Renaissance in Italy had an influence on England.It started to open schools where not everyone could study.In the 12th century there were schools by monasteries and new schools in the cities (Grammar schools).By the 1220 there were universities in Oxford and Cambridge.The nation language was French but not many people could speak it and the spoke Anglo-Saxon.That was the period when English absorbed French.By the end of the Middle Ages the level of knowledge in Britain has increased. Citizens made mysteries (performances on the religious holidays). Usually they were Bible scenes.In the 14th century Edward 3 forbade speaking French in the army and French went out of use. After anglo-saxons conquest Middle English formed.William Langlang and Geoffrey Choser gave the rich picture of the world of those times in their works. 

There was educational development,rich people opened new scholls(Winchester 15th,Eton).In Oxford and Cambridge there were much more new colledges and the learning there was in Latin, but in the schools in English. The first printing-office was founded by William Caxton in 1474 in Westminster and then in London. His publications are over 400.And The Canterbury Tales and King Artur’s story helped to increase competent people.

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