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26. The Reform Act 1832

The Reform Act 1832 was an Act of Parliament that introduced wide-ranging changes to the electoral system of England and Wales.

1.Broadened the franchise property qualification in the counties, to include small landowners, tenant farmers, and shopkeepers.

2.Created a uniform franchise in the boroughs, giving the vote to all households who paid a yearly rental of £10 or more.

3. The Act also increased the number of individuals entitled to vote, increasing the overall size of the electorate from about 500,000 to 813,000, and allowing a total of one out of five adult males to vote, out of a total population (including women and children) of some 14 million.

Limited change had been achieved but for many it did not go far enough. The property qualifications meant that the majority of working men still could not vote. But it had been proved that change was possible .

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