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Public life

  1. Is Cher a singer or an actress?
  2. When did she start to sing?
  3. Who was named after Sonny and Cher film “Chastity”?
  4. Did Cher meet Sonny Bono as a teenager?
  5. She soon became tired of Hollywood glamour, didn’t  she?

Finding  Love at work

  1. Do men and women work more  less or closely together?
  2. Do people spend more hours at the job?
  3. What should people do to hide their feelings?
  4. What isn’t private in office?
  5. Fifty percent of office romances lead to marriage, don’t they?


  1. How long were Bill and Andrew friends?
  2. Were they doing everything together?
  3. Who of them became very rich?
  4. Andrew didn’t have enough money, did he?
  5. Was Andrew offended by his friend or by his brother?

Fear of flying

  1. He wasn’t always afraid to fly, was he?
  2. Did I have total trust to my father or my mother?
  3. Why did the plane have to stop?
  4. Who could see fire burning out of the engine?
  5. Did he want some terrible plane crashes?

Personal profile. Bill Gates.

  1. Who has established  himself as the richest man in the world?
  2. Is Bill Gates the youngest or the oldest billionaire?
  3. What did he do for computer technology?
  4. Did Gates begin his career at the age of 30?
  5. Gates had many experiences with business, didn’t he?


  1. What is the best way to have a weight loss?
  2. Is exercise important as a way to burn calories?
  3. We should try to eat many fruits and vegetables, shouldn’t we?
  4. Are garden salads and carrot low or high in calories?
  5. What food should we limit eating?

Life in the capital

  1. Is London a great city to live in?
  2. Is London or New York more interesting, cultural, historic city?
  3. What is sometimes terrible in London?
  4. You can go sightseeing the whole day and not get bored, can’t you?
  5. Did I come first here 3 month or 4 month ago?

Christmas in Malaysia

  1. Who celebrated Christmas in Malaysia?
  2. How many people are Christians in Malaysia?
  3. Is Christmas the only public holiday in Malaysia?
  4. Does Tina like roast turkey?
  5. Her dad always prepares fruit cocktail, doesn’t he?

Languages made easy

  1. Do many people that read a lot speak well?
  2. How to learn what «Grade» level you would be in the English world?
  3. Are children’s books written to teach children in very simple or difficult ways?
  4. What is written in very simple way?
  5. You could go to English language websites for children, couldn’t you?

House swap

  1.   What was the best experience for our family last summer?
  2. Am I teacher at a local high school or secondary school?
  3. Who interviewed over 1000 families?
  4.  Did people share their stories?
  5. It was fantastic experience, wasn’t it?

Getting kids

  1. Do kids often find it boring to clean up or wash up?
  2. Kids really love to help with cooking, don’t  they?
  3. How should parents encourage children to help around the house?
  4. Is it never too early to start?
  5. Who should do house work in your family?

Good impressions

  1. How long have I known this girl?
  2. Has she asked me over to dinner or to breakfast? 
  3. Who wants me to meet her parents?
  4. Can her parents trust me?
  5. You will make a very good impression, won’t you?

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