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1.The main events of Australia's history that influenced the Australian literature a lot.

 Australian literature is a quite new arial of study. Australia was colonized like Canada and India. Reasons of colonization were differen. In case of Australian overcrowded prisons of England. Australia was originally set up as a panel colonel to report  a convicts. Post-colonial studies the school of Australian literature have feld the need to explore the influence of colonization on history society education and writing of colonized countries.

After getting the independence It was still evident that the points of view, process of teaching , continued the same kind of mental colonization.(Влияние на умы людей)

   Nowdays  most important topic of Australian writers is  Decolonizing the mind from British society.

Australia began question in particular literature program. They focused on the studies of the British Literature. But 1920-30 Australian literature began to develop and it tried to cut loose from the British colonial influence.

The important themes of Australian Literature have been the reflection of the way in which the Australian culture and society have been formed and shaved. The themes were continues with change. This changes reflected the various aspect that have been formed Australian identity.

The main themes:

1 )Physical landscape and early white British settlers

2) Swagman, outback, the malice relationships between them.

3) The difference between city life and  bush culture (Bush-Australian outback)

4)the tragic interaction between the aborigines and the new white settlers. The experience of women


The meaning of Australian literature changes with times and have different contexts. The scholars confirm Australian literature should be studied with the nation and the primary context. The development of the nation certainly influent by politics. The nation is the unit of social cultural political terms. The study is deeply related to the way the national identity consist of:

-The images of aboriginals

-the experience of the first who came to Australia.

In the beginning  Australia has white policy. It means that people who have not English origin they can’t live in Australia.

In Australia different ethnic began to live another day . Australia began to think itself of part of Asia. It connects of Multiculturalism. Image was change : Australia was occupied for 100 of years before British colonization. But this part of history of Australia first inhabitants was hidden for a long time. This happens because of mistaken interpretation of Terra nullius.

Australian literature –is constantly changing body of writing .It involves aboriginal songs, fairytales, journals and ballads of European explorers and settlers.

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