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16. The types of meaning

Word-meaning is not homogeneous, it’s represented by different types of meaning.

1)Grammatical meaning – each word in the speech bears some grammatical meaning. Th grammatical meaning may be defined as the component of meaning recurrent in identical sets of individual forms of different words.

The grammatical meaning is abstract and general. It belongs to all words of certain class.

The grammatical meaning in English can be expressed by word-forms and fixed word order.

2). The lexical meaning is a component of meaning recurrent in all the forms of the same word.

The lexical meaning is individual and different for each separate word. The Lexical meaning is not homogeneous either. The main types of lexical meaning:



aspects of the lexical meaning.

3. Pragmatic aspect of the lexical meaning


1. The denotational meaning is the same for all speakers because it’s a realization of the concept. The denotational meaning usually fixed on the 1st meaning of the word in the dictionaries.

2. The conotational meaning is optional, may be not presented in nuteral words, convey the speakers attitude to what he speaking about.

1)) Stylistic reference (connotation); it determens the functional speech style characteristics of speech usage (dad, father, parent).

2)). Emotional connotation – it express human emotions directly or awoke them.

3)) Evalustive connotation – it express approval or disapproval of the speaker.

4)). Intensifying connotation adds emphasis of the meaning.


3. Pragmatic aspect – conveys the lexical meaning: information of the situation of speech; falls into 4 different types:

a) the pragmatic aspect may convey the information on time and space relationships of the participance.

b) it implies the information of the participance and of the given language community

c). the information of the tenor of discourse. By the tenor we mean different social / family roles of the particiapnce of the communication.

d). information of the register of communication (formal, informal, neutral).

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