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10.The morphological analysis of English words.


The morphological analyses serves to study the word structure. There are 2 levels of morphological analyses: morphemic level and derivational level.

The morphemic analyses aims at breaking a word into constituent morpheme and determine the number and types.

The derivational analyses aims at starting the derivational stem, starting the derivational elements, the derivational pattern, the derivational structure, the final derivational stem by which the word was build.

The procedure generally employed for the purposes of segmenting words into the constituent morphemes. This method is based on a binary principle, i.e. each stage of the procedure involves two components the word immediately breaks into. 

 The analysis is completed when we arrive at morphemes incapable of further division. (таблица friendlyness).

The morphemic analysis may be carried out on the basis of two principles: the so-called root principle and the affixe principle. 

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