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2.The connection of lexicology with other branches of linguistics.

Lexicology is closely connected with other branches of linguistics: phonetics, grammar, stylistic and the history of language.

Phonetics studies the sound form of the word, its outperforms, and intonation patterns of utterances (произношение).

Since (т.к.) phonemes serve to distinguish meanings, we may say they participate in signification (обозначение). The importance of the phonemic make up of the word, maybe illustrated by spoonerisms.

Spoonerisms are words which appear as a result of accidental (случайно) or jokey (в шутку) transcription of initial (начальная) sounds.


1. our dear old queen – our queer old deer.

2. half formed wish – half warmed fish.

Phonetic means are employed in word building. Some phonetic means are used in sound interchange (speech – speak, blood – bleed, life – live) actually distinguishes between nouns and verbs.

Another phonetic means is shift or stress ( ‘democrat – de’mocracy). Shift of stress sometimesdistinguishes words even without word-building ( ‘perfect – to per’fect, ‘conduct – to con’deuct, ‘progress – to pro’gress, ‘record – to re’cord).

Every word belongs to some part of speech and has certain lexico-grammatical characteristics of the word-class, it belongs to. Words possess both lexical and grammatical meanings and sometimes no line of demarcation can be drawn between them.


fruit – fruits

brother – brothers (brethren)

Especially strong the connection between grammar and lexicology is shown in word-building – conversion.

Stylistics studies different functional styles of human speech. Functional styles are defined as system of linguistics expressive means (phonetic, grammar, lexicology) peculiar to certain spheres of communication.

Lexicology studies lexical means characteristics of different functional styles. Some words are more general and neutral in tone, others are stylistically marked. Lexicology is closely connected with the history of language. Each word has its own history.

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