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10. The category of case. Ways of expressing case meanings in English.

Case is grammatical category which indicates relations of noun to the other word in sentence. English noun have two cases: the common case and genitive case.

  • The common case is unmarked. It has no inflexions.
  • The genitive case is formed by adding -'s to the singular noun and -' to plural forms ending in -s. As to its use the genitive case falls under: the dependent and absolute genitive
    • The Dependent Genitive is used with the noun it modifies and comes before( Fanny's flat)
    • The Absolute Genitive may be used without any noun or be separated from the noun modifies.

The category of case in present day English has always been disputable. Some grammarians( Yartseva) found in English 2 cases, other( Nesfield) found 4 cases or still another saw in English 5,6 or more cases. The Russian grammarian Vorontsova recognized no cases in English at all.





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