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22. The pronoun as a part of speech. General characteristics of classes of pronouns; their morphological, semantic and syntactic properties.

The pronoun is a national part of speech that names to object, there properties, relations without naming them.

Semantic classification

  1. Personal: I, he, she, it, you, we, they. Has the category of case –objective: me, him, her, you, us, them. Plural and singular.
  2. Possesive: my, his, its, our,…absolute possessive: mine, his, hers, ours,…
  3. Reflexive: myself, himself,…
  4. Reciprocal: each other, one another.
  5. Demonstrative: this, those, that,…
  6. Defining of defined: each, every, everybody…every-…all, both, either, other, another.
  7. Indefinite: some-, any-, one
  8. Negative: none, no, neither, no one, nobody, nothing
  9. Interrogative: who, whose, what, which.
  10. Relative: who, whose, which, that, as.
  11. Conjunctive: who, whose, which, what.(Соединительные)

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