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12. The use of definite and indefinite article with proper nouns.

Indefinite article use:

  1. with singular countable nouns to talk about indefinite things.
  2. before Mr/mrs/miss/ms when we speak about unknown person.
  3. instead Per
  4. Speak about some groups of people or things.
  5. instead one.
  6. money, fraction, measures/weight, whole  number, price, time, distance/fuel, speed, illness.
  7. if adj  before “one”
  8. after to be
  9. Mention for the first time
  10. instead any
  11. after word such, what, quite.
  12. set expressions

Definite article:

  1. unique
  2. names of:  cinema, hotels, theatre, museums, newspaper, ships, institutions, galleries,river, seas, island, states, mountains, deserts, oceans, canals, names with of.
  3. Musical instruments, dances
  4. Names of families, nationalities ending in –sh/ch/ese
  5. Titles(omitted with proper names)
  6. Substantivization
  7. Superlative degree
  8. Most
  9. Beach, cinema, city, coast, country side, earth, ground, jungle, radio, pub….
  10. Morning, afternoon, evening, night
  11. Historical events
  12. Only, last, first
  13. when person is change
  14. with famous person.

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