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are mechanical and virtual intelligent agents and are mainly metallic. Their appearance is different depending on the tasks they perform. They are designed to do the tasks that man can or cannot do.It depends on what type of robot is being referred to. There are some that are simple and some that are very complex. Robots are designed to do tasks that people may or not be able to do for themselves. They are used to build cars, dismantle bombs, pack boxes, answer phones, mow yards, and explore deep sea ship wrecks and many other things.Advantages of using robots:We can send them to dangerous enviorments such as the deep sea or warzones.We can use robots to produce products in factories such as assembling cars.robots are better at doing anything that we need to be precise, accurate and consistant.An andvantage to using robots is that robots can work without sleep. So they can work 24/7/365(~no salaries to pay. less errors. faster work).Disadvantages: So a MAJOR disadvantage is that the robots take the place of humans in several situations.Another disadvantage is that there is quite a high initial cost for the robot and the software and equiptment that you need to use with the robot.Also a disadvantage is that you need highly pros( job displacement,expensive, can break down).
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