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11. Lexical expressive means and stylistic devices.

Metaphor – is the stylistic device, based on transference of meaning, we directly compare two sinningly different object. (Lucy was a violet on a mossy stone)

Personification – is a figure of speech, in which human characteristics are attributed to animals or inanimate objects. (She (the river) was a kind mother to the girl)

Metonymy – uses figurative expressions that are closely associated with the subject (synecdoche). (the pen is stronger than the sword)

Irony – is band on simultaneous realization of two opposite meanings (How nice of you to have lost my key)

Antonomasia – a descriptive phase that replaces a person name (She was a Giaconda in sables)

Epithets – is an adjective or an adjectival phrase that qualifies a subject by naming its important characteristic. (spidery fingers)

Oxymoron – a figure of speech that combines contradictory terms. (sharp dullness, a deafening silence)

Hyperbole – is a stylistic device based on exaggeration. (Here is the smell of blood still. All perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten his little hand.)

Simile – is figure of speech comparing two unlike things. Always introduced with the words ‘like’, ‘as’, ‘as if’, ‘as though’. (She looked like a miniature Cleopatra. As quick as a lightning)

Periphrasis –  is a device, which denotes the use of a longer phrase lustead of a shorter and plainer for of expression.(love’s first drop (a kiss))

Use of phraseology – split idioms, proverbs, sayings. They pulled his long and bony leg so long that he understood that they were fooling him.


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