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Английский язык

1 How do you see your future as employee? Which professional activities would you like to be engaged in?
2 What demands do you make upon on job?
3 Do you think that you will often change your occupation?
4 Would you mind living and working for some time in a foreign country? Why? Why not?
5 Are financial gain and material values more important that job satisfaction? Do we work to live or live to work?
6 How important is the role of school and university education in getting job?
7 Do you think working abroad is essential for a successful career? Why? Why not?
8 Which is your favorite shop and why? How often do you go shopping? What do you like to buy? Do you shop in department stores? Why? Why not? In which country is it usual to haggle? Have you ever haggled for anything?
9 Explain the difference between supermarkets, a department store, a shopping mall, a hypermarket. What is corner shop?
10 When do you go to a shop or supermarket do you ever buy items that you hadn’t planned to buy before you entered the shop? What sort of things do you buy like this and why do you buy them?
11 Have you ever ordered anything on-line? What stages did you have to pass to go through to place you order?
12 What methods can shops use to maximize the sales of the goods?
13 Before we had money, people bartered the things they produce with their neighbors, for example, textiles for wood, guns for fur. Do people still barter today? Give examples.
14 What benefits and disadvantages has membership in the EU brought to countries?
15 What is WTO?
16 How do brands differentiate themselves to make themselves obviously different from their competitors? Tell some words about a brand.
17 How easy do you think it is to raise capital to invest in a new business? Which people or institutions would you approach first?
18 What is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?
19 What is money? Can anything be used as money? Can you imagine life without money? What are the dangers of using a credit card to pay instead of money? What do you know about digital money?
20 What do banks do? What are reasons for saving your money in a bank account? Why do people prefer to borrow money from banks? How do banks earn money? Who decides how much money the bank keeps in reserve?
21 What is Pareto’s Principle? What is a ‘memorandum’?
22 What is ‘Comparative advantage’? What examples of ‘Comparative advantage’ can you give? How can countries without clear or natural comparative advantage succeed? Can you give any examples?
23 What are benefits of free trade? What is ‘balance of trade’?
24 Can you think of any ‘Incoterms’? What is FOB? CIF?
25 Как писать summery
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