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Как писать summery

  1. This is a news item  from (smth) dated (date). The item discusses, reports, explains, looks at, deal with (нейтральное) (объект)
  2. Main issue! The writer, reporter consentrate on, outlines (smth) OR the item, news story critics, supports, attacks (smth)
  3. Content of story! It says that, points out(указывает), presents (smth)
  4. Then, after that, further on, next.
  5. Conclusion! The writer concludes by saying that, in conclusion the story says that, finally (etc)


This is an article about brands. Brands are symbols, names and associations. Sometimes, however, brands can be illusion. For example, if you drive a cheaper model of Cadillac it doesnot show that you are rich.

Thae article also analyses the book by D A about effective brand managing. D A points out that a marketing plan centered om discounts and promotions can damage the brand or its image. He also illustrated his theory with some examples.

The item also critics the policy of brand-stretching. This brand-stretching means extension of a popular brands recognition and reputation to a new type of product. But it often leds to failure.

The article also says that some companies favors short-time horizons. D A suggests that a long view on guarding product’s images should be taken.

After that the writer of the article says that these efforts are not always successful and sometimes bring more problems.

In conclusion,  the article gives some examples illustrating how promotions can do some harm to established brands.

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