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How easy do you think it is to raise capital to invest in a new business? Which people or institutions would you approach first?

I think that to raise capital is very hard, because a new business in the beginning has to get a reputation and to be well known. A new company must to demonstrate its availability to investors. Companies with experience and accumulated capital are more likely can count on the support of large investors, or at least getting credit for development of business.

If a company is going to raise capital, it is essential to work with the media to spare on advertising,  to participate in exhibitions and so on. Make every effort to be on the mind of a potential investor is the first thing to attend to a firm that is looking for a business partner.

Investors assess the risks in the first place, as well as perspective for business growth and opportunities to increase the value of the company. Next, they study the possibility of the team, including top manager leadership skills to ensure his ability to effectively manage the business. Also, they consider the technological component of a business proposal and its application.


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