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What methods can shops use to maximize the sales of the goods?

Usually the increasing of the sales level is connected with the marketing strategies focused of the customer’s psychology. The strategies may be oriented, for example, to the cost of the product – here we may use the special proposal’s for the customers, actions, sales and etc – what makes customer believe that he spend less if he use the goods of this particular company. The strategy may be also be oriented on the customer’s beliefs about the quality of the good and it’s necessity and unique. Here we use the advertisement and other PR features. Also the buyer’s psychology is the object of a lot of investigations, and some of the shows that small tweak also helps to maximize the sales. As an example, the more expensive product may should be placed on the eye or hands level, because this is a zone on which consumer pays more attention than for others, hence he choose the goods which are places in the shelves with the easy access.


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