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The term morphemes is derived from Greek “morphe”- form and suffix -eme

- the freek suffix –eme has been adopted to denote the smallest unit

-the morpheme is the smallest meaningful unit of form

Classification of morphemes:

-semantic point of view: two tupes of morphemes, root–morphemes and non-root morphemes.

-structural point of view: three tupes of morphemes free morphemes bound morphemes, semi-bound (semi-free) morphemes.

*root morphemes

REmake, DISorder /   the root morphemes –make and –order, the lexical nucleus of the words

*non-root morphemes

-include inflections and affixes

-inflections have only grammatical meaning they are relevant only for the formation of word forms

-affixes are relevant for building various tupes of stem


-a stem is the part of a word that remains unchanged throughout its paradigm

-lexicology deals with affixation morphemes




*free morphemes


*bound morphemes

A bound morphemes is always connected with something else it occurs as a constituent part of a word


(Well, half)


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