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1 the main purposes of the United Nations
2 2. the role of UN in modern world
3 3. What are the rules and principles that guide the UN in its work
4 4. How is the United Nations structure?
5 5. General assembly
6 6. Security Council
7 7. Speak on the Sustainable Development Goals concerning environment
8 11. What can be done to cut food waste and reduce hunger in the world?
9 12. What practical measures should be undertaken to combat climate change?
10 13. Speak on different kinds of environmental pollution. Which environmental threat do you think is the most important today
11 14. . Speak on natural disasters. What could be the biggest threat to the planet in the future?
12 17. What kind of things can you do to protect the environment? What should we do to protect animals that are endangered?
13 18. . Is it important for the media to publish positive stories on the environment? Why? What positive story can you give as an example?
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