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The Gerund

7. Introduction

7.1. The Gerund is formed by adding the suffix –ing to the stem of a verb, and coincides in form with Participle I.

7.2. The Gerund has nominal and verbal characteristics. Its nominal properties are as follows:

a)     The Gerund can perform the functions of a subject, object and predicative.

Digging is hard work.

b)    The Gerund can be preceded by a preposition.

What’s wrong with borrowing a little money?

c)     Like a noun the Gerund can be modified by a noun in the possessive case or a possessive pronoun.

It’s a bit inconvenient your coming in late.

The verbal characteristics of the Gerund are as follows:

a)     The  Gerund can take a direct object.

No one likes washing a car.

b)    The Gerund can be modified by an adverb.

She burst out crying bitterly.

c)     The Gerund has analytical forms expressing tense and voice distinctions.

He’s regretting now having come.


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