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The Objective with the Infinitive Construction

This is a construction in which the infinitive is in predicate relation to a noun in the Common Case or a pronoun (in the Objective Case). In the sentence this construction has the function of a complex object.

                   The Objective with the Infinitive Construction is used:

a)     after verbs of sense perception hear, see, watch, feel, observe, smell, notice, etc. (only the Infinitive Active is used).

I thought I heard someone knock on the door.

This construction is not used after the verbs to see (=to understand) and to hear (=to learn, to be told); a clause is used instead.

                            I see you don’t realize the danger.

b)    after verbs of mental activity know, think, consider, believe, suppose, expect, imagine, find, etc.

After verbs of mental activity, except the verb to expect, the verb to be is generally used.

         I expected Dave to meet me at the airport.

After the verbs consider, find, think the infinitive can be omitted.

         She found the subject to be fascinating.

c)     after verbs of declaring pronounce, declare, report, etc.

The surgeon pronounced him to be out of danger.

d)    after verbs denoting wish and intention want, wish, desire, mean, intend, choose, etc.

I’d like you to hold the door open for me.

                   The infinitive can be passive.

                            I’d like the door to be held open.

e)     after verbs of feeling and emotion like, love, hate, dislike, cannot bear,

I hate people to ignore me.

f)      after verbs of order and permission order, allow, suffer, have (in negative sentences), etc.

The gentleman ordered his luggage to be taken upstairs.

g)     after verbs of compulsion make, cause, get, have, force, compel, oblige

The crisis has forced the government to act.

h)    after the verbs rely, count the Construction is preceded by the preposition on (upon).

I rely on you to keep my secret.



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