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1 What is the name of Hamlet’s father, and what do you think the medieval people thought about ghosts?
2 What university does Hamlet study at? What is it famous for?
3 Hamlet turns up in Act 1, scene 2 thus responding to Gertrude’s words: “Ham. Seems, madam! Nay, it is; . …I have that within which passes show - ” Make an assumption as to what Hamlet “has within that passes show”, or what it is that he strives to find out behind the “seeming” front.
4 How does Polonius justify his point of view that Hamlet is mad?
5 What do you think of Polonius’s behavior towards Ophelia?
6 Can you account for the switches from verse to prose and back in the play?
7 Polonius tests Hamlet for madness, the King tests him for love, but does Hamlet test anything or anybody?
8 What do you think of Hamlet’s monologues in scenes 2 (act 2) and 1 (act 3)? What are they like? What are they for?
9 Define your assumption about Hamlet the hero as being self-absorbed or quick and witty, or being all this at once - self-absorbed, and quick, and witty.
10 Define the Freudian concept of the Oedipus’s complex and the Orestes’s one, and make an assumption as to how well these can be applied to the interpretation of Hamlet as a play.
11 Interpret the title of the comedy.
12 Account for the motif of a mask/masque/disguise in the comedy.
13 Analyse the characters of Claudio and Benedick, Hero and Beatrice. Do they develop throughout the action? If yes, then how?
14 What is the culmination scene, in your view? Why?
15 Account for the names of “Hero”, “Dogberry”, “Verges” and others.
16 Account for the pun-making in the episodes involving Dogberry and Verges.
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