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Polonius tests Hamlet for madness, the King tests him for love, but does Hamlet test anything or anybody?


Hamlet is not sure if Claudius is the one who killed his father. He would not probably guess that it is caused by his uncle if the ghost did not appear and tell him the truth. Hamlet surely test Claudius trying to figure out if he really did murder his father. He therefore hires a troupe of players to put on a show “Murder of Gonzago», in which a king slays his sleeping brother by pouring poison in his ear. Claudius flees the play afterwards, which shows that Hamlet succeeds in this test. At the same time, Hamlet also spends a lot of time watching himself and declaiming suffering soliloquies about that. In the soiloquie “O, what a rogue and peasant slave am I!” we see that he is confused with his own thoughts. He is unsure whether his actions are right, he doubts if the ghost was his real father or a devil. He calls himself “ a coward” because he thinks he has done nothing yet to avenge his father and whether he is actually able to do it. He ponders on what kind of man he is and and how he should act. In his solioquie “to be or not to be” he raises deep philosophical questions about existence and if it is right to live in despair or end one's life by committing suicide.


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