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1. Can you describe your favorite game?

My favorite sport is swimming. I took part in many competitions. Sometimes I won them, sometimes I lost.  You can go swimming in any season, I like it. My favorite style of swimming is crawl. Now I don’t go swimming. I have problem with my eyes because of chlorinated water. But I like to watch swimming competitions on TV, I know sportsmen and follow the news. Sometimes I go to swimming pool, but I swim only for myself.

2. Can you speak about a healthy way of life?

I can say that I don’t lead the healthy lifestyle. Maybe that’s why I haven’t much free time and I have problems with my eyes and back. I went to swimming pool, and then I went to the gym. Now I don’t go on any sports. I don’t take a walk in the morning, but I get up early. I eat high-caloried food, vegetables and fruits I eat very rarely. But I don’t smoke. I think that many people lead the same lifestyle and it’s not good.

3. Can you speak about your attitude to sport?

I like sport. I go to swimming pool and the gym. But most of all I like to be spectator, watch sport competitions. I respect sportsmen and other people who lead the healthy lifestyle. If you are active, you will be life longer – it’s true. I’m glad that now sport is more popular than several years ago. People of all ages should do sporting, at least eat healthy food and walks every day for an hour. Unfortunately I’m not of that kind of people.

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