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1. Can you describe a country you have visited/want to visit?

Several years ago I’ve visited China. We travelled to border city called Manchzhuria. Population of that city is 500000 people. It’s a place for tourists and traders. Everybody speaks Russian, every sign consists of Chinese and Russian, but Russian words often has mistakes. Everything is cheap: goods, food, hotels. Chinese are friendly and sociable. I went to the theatre, taste Chinese food and buy some cheap electronic gadgets. Nature isn’t so beautiful than in Russia. I can’t say any interesting about it, maybe I forget.

2. Can you describe traditions and celebrations in some country?

One of the most famous traditions that have earned Spain worldwide recognition is the sport of bullfighting. The activity involves the bullfighter to sideswipe the bull and try to spear it in process. Spain has its Easter traditions. On Ash Wednesday people put ashes on their forehead to symbolically represent patience and the fact that we have all been created out of dust and into dust is our return. Spain Tomato fight is a cultural food fight festival that is celebrated in Spain on the last Wednesday of August every year.

3. Can you describe the region you live in?

Komi republic is the north swampy area near the Urals. The climate is continental, because Komi is located far from oceans. Population of Komi is about 1 million people. The nature is different from north to south. Komi is the place for growing reindeer mosses, food for dears. Native population of Komi isn’t as big as population of other people. Native population has its own traditions, language, clothes and dishes, such as shangi. There are places of interest, such as pillars of weathering.

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