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1. Can you describe the best holiday in your life?

Several years ago I’ve visited China. We travelled to border city called Manchzhuria. It’s a place for tourists and traders. Everybody speaks Russian; every sign consists of Chinese and Russian. Everything is cheap: goods, food, hotels. Chinese are friendly and sociable. I went to the theatre, taste Chinese food, considered local places of interest and buy some cheap electronic gadgets. I loved China, with its unique culture, as if I was in another world.

2. Can you describe an interesting/unusual event from your past?

It was a sunny day in the past summer. I hanged out with my brother near the Red Square in Moscow. He saw a man, who was saying <Give me please money for a beer>, my brother said <I give you money because of your honesty>. Then we went further and come back after 20 or 30 minutes. We saw that man was buying some food in the shop. I thought that can’t believe anybody in this world anymore and my brother just laughed.

3. Can you describe an ideal holiday?

Yes I can. I think it would be a trip with my friends on one of summer English music festivals, such as Reading and Leeds or Glastonbury, which is take place for 3 days. It will be a great time! I’ll be happy to see my favorite bands and sing-along with the crowd their songs. I’ll get such emotions, which would not get anywhere. But this trip is very expensive; I have to save money on tickets and good English to communicate with other people.

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