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1. Can you describe your life at university?

Besides my lessons I take part in many student activities. First of all, I play in a student musical group, sing in the choir. I am involved in construction team. We work in the summer, we organize meetings. There are many cultural events. I take part in conferences, such as Severgeoekotech and KOD. I get involved in scientific work in theoretical mechanics. I won the bronze medal in theoretical mechanics competition in Sankt-Petersburg. I am busy and I love it.

2. Can you say what you usually do and what are you doing this week?

Usually I wake up at 6 a.m. but this week I am sleeping my first lessons, because I am playing computer games all night. I never eat vegetables and fruits, but today I eat fruit salad. I never wear suits, but today I have an exam, so I put on a suit. Usually I go to garage band rehearsal, but this week I am not going, because I am very busy. I usually wear contact lenses, but today I'm wearing glasses, because I lost my contact lenses.

3. Can you describe student activities at university?

Life outside the classroom is an exciting part of university experience. You can get involved in students clubs and organizations, such as trade union, construction team, student council. You can become a volunteer to help orphans. You can play sports for university teams: basketball, football, volleyball and others. There are conferences in our university: Severgeoekotech, KOD (communication, society, spirituality).  If you aren’t take part in student activities, your life will be boring.

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