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1. Can you describe what you did yesterday?

Yesterday I woke up at 5 or 6 a.m. I brushed teeth, washed my face, drank tea, prepared for my lessons, got dressed and went to the university. There was reference work on physics. After the second lesson I went to canteen. After the last lesson I went home. I had lunch and took a nap. Then my friends offered me to hanging out, but I stayed at home and did my homework. I went to bed late at night, because I played computer games and watched TV for long time.

2. Can you describe the courses and structure of this university?

In my university there are 2 institutes: Institute of Oil and Gas and Geological Prospecting Institute and 4 faculties: information technology, timber, architecture, economy and management. Each faculty consists of several departments. For example, Oil and Gas Fields institute consists of development and exploration of oil and gas fields, drilling of oil and gas wells departments and others. UGTU provides bachelor, master and doctoral degree levels, has branches in Usinsk and Vorkuta.

3. Can you speak about the history of this university?

The story started in 1958, when Moscow’s Gubkin institute of Petrochemicals and Natural Gas opened an educational support centre in Ukhta. The development of oil and gas industries demanded more qualified specialists. As a result, the educational support centre became Ukhta Industrial Institute in 1967. The first rector was Grigory Panov. The number of students and the range of specialties grew every year. In 1999 the institute achieved university status. It was renamed Ukhta State Technical University. Now it’s a modern research and educational complex and has great scientific potential.

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