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1. Can you describe a university course?

My university course consists of specialized and comprehensive subjects. In the first years of study, we study basic subjects, some of which we were still in school. But we are studying at a higher level than at school. Some subjects are not related to our work, but we are studying to become skilled workers. Specialized subjects directly related to our future work. When I finish studying I’ll receive a bachelor degree and become an engineer. Then I can continue studying and become a master of my field of studies.

2. Can you say what students have to do to complete a degree at your university?

In my university students should study 4 years to complete a bachelor degree. University course consists of specialized and comprehensive subjects. Students have to take exams and write term papers. They have to do homework in time and attend all lections and seminars. If they skip a lesson, they must complete a pass. In the end of the study students have to write an essay. If they want to get the master degree, they have to learn another 2 years and write a thesis in the end of study.

3. Can you say what you have to do to become a specialist in your field of studies?

If I want to become a specialist in my field of studies, I have to study my courses. I have to complete a bachelor degree. Then I have to complete a master degree. I should know my specialty very well: know everything about gas working, petroleum engineering, drilling rigs and working equipment. I have to work on my specialty for some years and gain experience. Do not be lazy at work and participate in research activities.

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