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1. Can you describe your flat/a flat you know?

My flat consists of living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and balcony. It is situated in Vuktyl. The flat isn’t big, but cozy and comfortable. My parents live in living room. There are king-sized bed, TV, stereo system and fireplace in living room. I live in bed room. There are computer, sofa and wardrobe in my room. My room is smaller than living room, but bigger than kitchen. There are microwave oven, stove cupboards and other things in kitchen. I like my flat. But now I study in university and come there only for holidays.

2. Can you say what there is in your room?

There is a table in front of the wall. There are stereo and notebook on this table. There is a window on the wall. There is a windowsill under the window. There are flowers on the windowsill. There is a picture near the window. There is a closet near this picture. There are lamp and clock on this closet. There are my notebooks, pencils and clothes in the closet. There are box in the closet. There are many things in this box. There is a TV between closet and window. There are two chairs in this room. There are pillows on these chairs. There is a carpet on the floor.

3. Can you describe your neighborhood?

There are some shops in the 3 minute walk from the house. You can buy everything you need in these shops. There is a bus station in the corner of the street. You can get to the historical museum, cinema by bus. It is not so far. You can go on a picnic in a park. The park is situated near from cinema. You have a beautiful view on the forest from the window. Your house is near from school, so you don’t have to drive your children to school.  If you need something, contact your neighbors. They help you.

4. Can you describe a dormitory/hall of residence room in your university?

No, I can’t because a rent a flat. Maybe I tell you about my flat?

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